A resident of Renton, Washington, I have been lucky to call the Northwest home most of my life. Raised in Redmond, Washington, I chose to settle back here after some time in the Columbia River gorge area, Costa Rica, and Mexico. 

I began sketching at age seven and did not start painting until I decided to further develop my skills at the Art Institute of Seattle where I graduated with a focus in both Illustration and Communication Arts. Having worked as a designer for over thirty years has enhanced my skills in composition, color and value that I incorporate into my other creations as a painter.

In the past, I focused primarily on plein-air landscape painting which really opened up my awareness of color and spatial relations in a new way that design could not. Now my journey has evolved in expanding my passion for the outdoors and love of design in a more expressionistic style aligned with collaging techniques interwoven into my pieces.

I believe my style of brushwork suggests rather than renders the subject leaving the art as a form of communication that seeks to engage the imagination of the viewer in a conversation about life and nature.

Loose, uninhibited, and more about feeling than detail, my work constitutes a balance of gestural strokes, a focus of color and shape that morph into something familiar, it’s energizing and my hope is that people connect with what I’m sharing!